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Workshop Description

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Level I

Introduction Level I - Himalayan Chakra Singing Bowl Therapy
One and Two Bowl Therapy

Level 1 Sound Healing Course is designed as an introduction to the practice of sound therapy.  In this course, you will explore the background into Himalayan Singing bowls.  You will discover the use of the bowls in sound therapy.  You will also have the opportunity to explore using the bowls according to the Himalayan and Vedic Chakra systems.  The use of other sound instruments such as the Tingsha will be demonstrated and practiced.  The overall goal of this introductory course is to give you the ability to use vibrational healing modalities with clients in a supportive and therapeutic manner.

Prerequisite:  none
Cost:  $499

Level II 

Intermediate Level II – Himalayan Chakra Singing Bowl Therapy
Techniques, Using 7 Bowl Therapy Techniques

In the Level 2 Sound Healing Course we will explore traditional Chakra Bowl Healing techniques using 4, 7, 8 and tranquility bowls in a therapeutic setting.  In this course, we will expand upon the skills you have begun to acquire from Level 1.  We will explore the Chakra system in greater detail and music theory will be discussed as we explore the concept of the Cycle of Fifths in relationship to the use of the 7 singing bowls.  We will practice the series of 7 bowls and lay them out according to the Chakra system of the body.  Bowls will be placed around and on the body.  Mantras and chants will be practiced to correspond to the sound vibrational frequencies associated with each Chakra.  With our intention and reverence for the life of all sentient beings, we will discuss and practice creating a sacred space for those receiving this vibrational therapy.  We will explore the topic of puja and how offerings and space clearing can be performed with the singing bowl or bell.  We will also discuss techniques and methods regarding how to conduct a sound healing meditation concert.

Prerequisite: Level I
Cost: $850 

Level III

Advanced Level III– Himalayan Chakra Singing Bowl,

Using 7 Bowl Therapy Techniques

In the Level 3 Sound Healing Course we will continue to practice protocols and deepen our connection to our clients.  We have practiced up to now paying attention to all aspects of our sound therapy sessions.  In this course, we will expand upon the skills you have begun to acquire from Levels 1 and 2.  We explore developing mindfulness as we interact with our clients by observation, communication and responsiveness.  We want to become more aware of  “the space in between” where healing can take place.  In this course, we will set out protocols to help induce a state of well-being through emotional releases and integration with mind, body and spirit.  The emphasis at this level is to develop our intuition and creativity in sound healing sessions.

Prerequisite: Level II
Cost:  $1200

Practicum for Certification/Updating Certification

Hands on practice and assessment weekend for certificate

For 2019 - In order to become an Atma Buti Certified Sound Healing Practitioner, one must complete all requirements in Levels I-III and then attend a 2-day practicum within 2 years of taking Level 1.  Requirements will be discussed in detail in your level 1 training.

A practicum is a 2 day offering in Boulder, CO where a student or current practitioner has the opportunity to display their knowledge of the Atma Buti method in order to obtain or update certification as an Atma Buti Sound Healing Practitioner.  The practicum may include practice and assessment of a one’s understanding of Atma Buti protocols and methods.  A practicum is simply an opportunity for one to demonstrate their proficiency in the Atma Buti protocols and make a conscious choice to promote the tradition and lineage of Atma Buti, Soul Medicine.   It is a privilege to have any student apply to become an Atma Buti Practitioner and current practitioners are welcome to also apply to review and expand their skill set.

Prerequisite: Completed Levels I-III and all required materials
Cost:  $540

Level IV

Level IV - Expanding the Knowledge 

with Other Modalities

Level 4 will be an advanced level class offered by Suren Shrestha to expand one’s knowledge of the Atma Buti Method. This class may include a deeper study of ritual, history, and meditation or other subjects as chosen by Suren Shrestha.  It will be a time to further your knowledge, understanding, and intuition..

Prerequisite: Completed Levels I-III
Cost:  $1400

Continuing Education

Continuing education workshops will be taught by current teachers, outside specialists or Suren Shrestha himself to enhance practitioner skillsin a variety of subjects such as: gongs, yoga and the bowls, use of the singing bowls in conjunction with acupuncture, the singing bowls and the voice, tuning forks, and many more.

These workshops are intended to grow and share the knowledge within our community and will include protocols for practitioners to use and hands on practice in the topics covered.

Prerequisite: Completed Levels I-III
Cost:  TBD

Teacher Training

In 2019, Atma Buti is proud to be presenting a new curriculum, practitioner certification program, and current teacher requirements.  As the base of our community is solidified, teacher training programs will be temporarily on hold until further notice.  Please, keep checking this website for new and exciting opportunities to come.

Bowls will be provided to students for practical sessions in all level of classes.

Skype Session

Currently, private Skype sessions are also not available.

If you have any questions please, contact us.