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Practicum for Certification & Updating Certification
Application Fee: $54
Cost: $585 (Includes catered lunch)

Prerequisites: Students wishing to become a fully certified Atma Buti® practitioner must have previously completed Level 1Level 2, Level 3, and the following requirements: book reports, case studies and practice hours (more details below)


Hands-on practice and assessment weekend for certificate

A practicum is a 2-day offering in Boulder, CO where a student or current practitioner has the opportunity to display their knowledge of the Atma Buti® method in order to obtain or update certification as an Atma Buti® Sound Healing Practitioner.  The practicum may include practice and assessment of one’s understanding of Atma Buti® protocols and methods.  A practicum is simply an opportunity for one to demonstrate their proficiency in the Atma Buti® protocols and make a conscious choice to promote the tradition and lineage of Atma Buti®, Soul Medicine.   It is a privilege to have any student apply to become an Atma Buti® Practitioner and current practitioners are welcome to also apply to review and expand their skill set.

*In order to become an Atma Buti® Certified Sound Healing Practitioner, one must complete all requirements in Levels 1-3 and then attend a 2-day practicum within 2 years of taking Level 1.

Practicum and Certification Requirements - 2020

Certification Process:

1.  Complete Levels 1- 3 & respective requirements:

3 book reports from suggested reading list over Levels 1-3

      • 1 book report for Level 1
      • 1 book report for Level 2
      • 1 book report for Level 3

9 case studies about singing bowl use in personal practice and observance

      • 2 case studies for Level 1
      • 3 case studies for Level 2
      • 4 case studies for Level 3

Total Practice Hours: 171

      • 36 practice hours utilizing protocols and methods learned in Level 1
        (9 seva hours or more within these 36 practice hours)
      • 72 practice hours utilizing protocols and methods learned in Level 2
        (seva hours as determined by your heart’s choice within these 72 practice hours)
      • 63 practice hours utilizing protocols and methods learned in Level 3
        (seva hours as determined by your heart’s choice within these 63 practice hours)

Certification in this program requires 171 hours total practice hours and an onsite practicum.

2.  Prior to registering for the practicum, send required materials (book reports, case studies, log hours, and teacher assessments) along with a $54 check (payable to Atma Buti) to:

Attn: Certification Application Assessment
6395 Gunpark Dr, Unit G
Boulder, CO 80301

3.  Once application is reviewed and requirements are met, student will be notified and may sign up for a Practicum in Boulder, Colorado. 

4.  Practicum fee is:  $540. 

Options for payment include: 

• Check made out to:  Atma Buti, 6395 Gunpark Dr, Suite G, Boulder, CO 80301
• PayPal:
• Website:
• Please contact: with any questions.

5.  Student or current practitioner attends the Practicum in Boulder, CO where skills are practiced, assessed and feedback is given. 

6.  Only after competency is demonstrated may one receive certification in the Atma Buti® method and use the title, certified Atma Buti® Sound Healing Practitioner.

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