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Healing Through Sound

Singing Bowl Therapy for Health and Wellbeing
By Suren Shrestha

Quantum physics has proven that everything has a vibration. Whether it’s a table, chair, human, planet, or the cosmos – everything is producing a vibration with a specific frequency. For humans, our vibration is the key indicator of our overall health and wellbeing.

Vibration occurs at different levels of consciousness, including the human body and its energy systems: the chakras and the aura. Similar to how a musical instrument falls out of tune through use, our bodies and energy systems can also fall out of vibrational harmony. Stress and negativity create blockages in the body that prevent a healthy flow of energy. These energy disturbances are the foundation for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual illnesses. When there is disease or distress in the body, the cells vibrate out of balance.

An effective way to treat disharmonious vibration in the body or energy system is with the use of vibration itself. Wherever there is sound there is also a vibration, and sound can be utilized to restore health to the body, mind, and spirit. In our modern-day we are exposed to many unnatural and discordant sounds – the rush of traffic, television chatter, electronic noise pollution, and countless other random and unpleasant sounds which contribute to disharmony in the mind and body. Deep relaxation through soothing, resonant sound affects the body on a cellular level, opening up the flow of energy to move us back toward vibrational alignment with health. When we use sound coupled with intention, which is the most important aspect of healing, we can direct sound vibration to raise the body’s vibrational frequency.

One of the most powerful sound healing modalities is the use of Singing Bowls. Singing bowls produce multiphonic and polyharmonic overtones that are unique, subtle, and complex. These sounds are both captivating and calming and seem to instantly create a sense of trance-like calm. The tones that they produce are pure, naturally harmonious, and resonant with each other. The soothing vibration from the bowls radiates out negative energy and lower frequencies of emotion such as fear, anger, and resentment. With lower frequencies removed, practitioners can facilitate deep healing through the intentional use of the bowls’ frequencies.

Healing with singing bowls has been known to reduce stress, aid in depression and insomnia, reduce pain and discomfort in the body, regulate blood pressure, help ADHD and improve concentration, support and strengthen the immune system, heal the effects of chemotherapy, aid in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, increase vitality and energy, facilitate meditation and deep relaxation, heighten intuition and perception, synchronize the brain hemispheres, and enhance creativity.

Historians believe that metal working artisans perfected the techniques for making Tibetan/Himalayan Singing Bowls nearly 2,500 years ago at the time of Buddha’s birth. Although there is not a lot of written history to trace the origin of this ancient art, there is a rich tradition of oral history that tells us that the bowls came to Nepal and Tibet from India at the same time that Buddhism was introduced to Tibet and Nepal by the Buddhist master, Padmasambhava.

Today, craftsmen in Nepal work to revive the ancient techniques for making the bowls that have been handed down from generation to generation. Each bowl begins as a ball of seven sacred alloy metals that are aligned with the seven heavenly bodies in our solar system and the seven chakras of our bodies.

The Atma Buti Sound and Vibrational School teaches sound therapy with Singing Bowls to many students every year in Boulder, CO. Atma Buti translates to Soul Medicine in Sanskrit, and we believe that our healing bowls and the knowledge imparted on the students are a very powerful form of medicine.

The bowls used at Atma Buti mainly come from Napeli artisan clans who have been making these bowls for generations and can be traced back to the time of Buddha. We chose to support this clan because of their commitment to tradition, high quality, and craftsmanship. These artisan clans infuse the bowls with love and positive energy by chanting traditional mantras as they hand hammer the bowls. Each strike of their hammer holds their spiritual intention as they shape the bowls, giving them a special energetic resonance.

Suren Shrestha is the founder and lead instructor at The Atma Buti Sound and Vibrational School. Suren was born in a village in Nepal where healing through drums, gongs, and mantras was the norm. He came to the United States as a teenager and attended college to receive a B.S. in Civil Engineering. Noting the growing interest in alternative medicine in the U.S., Suren returned to Nepal to learn how to practice ancient healing techniques using sound and vibration. After working with the Singing Bowls and studying from several different teachers in Asia, mainly apprenticing under teachers in Nepal, he wished to share the knowledge he had learned with others. In addition to starting The Atma Buti Sound and Vibrational School, he also wrote the book

How To Heal with Singing Bowls which was published in 2009, translated to four languages, and has become a resource for many sound healing schools throughout the world.

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