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Pamela Lancaster
State: Arizona
Country: United States

Pamela Lancaster

Pamela Lancaster is an internationally recognized teacher, healer, and authority on sound healing. Initiated into the unique art of Sound Healing by the ancient Atma Buti® lineage of the Himalayas. Years of training with her master teacher Suren Shrestha of Nepal and shamanistic monks of Tibet has resulted in decades of dedication to her healing practice.

Pamela has been a certified teacher for the Atma Buti® International Sound & Vibrational School since 2010 and possesses a unique blend of eastern and western-based healing modalities, Kundalini yoga, shamanic visualizations, meditations, as well as the ancient healing sounds of the Himalayan singing bowls that she artfully blends together to make each a unique session for each client.

Pamela is acclaimed for bringing Bowl healing to the world-famous healing resort “Miraval“ and has worked with thousands of clients. From being a guest on the Dr. Oz show to her work being featured in numerous acclaimed publications, Pamela passionately continues to educate and share her knowledge and love for this ancient healing modality.

Her heartfelt approach is a powerful catalyst for change, balancing energy and deeply healing states for the body, mind, and spirit.

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