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At the Atma Buti® Sound & Vibrational  School we believe in the benefits of learning from each other.  Our students are our greatest resource and we learn and grow exponentially from simply listening to each other’s stories and experiences.  After completing the Atma Buti® courses, the learning does not end – it is just beginning.

Moving forward, we understand that students may have more questions and in order to provide support we are offering a paid mentorship program.  Listed below are a talented group of Atma Buti® instructors, each possessing slightly varied gifts to offer to a mentoring session. Your first 30 minutes with one mentor is FREE and following sessions may be pursued at the prices listed below. 

Mentoring sessions can be arranged by phone, Skype or Facetime. First select the Atma Buti® mentor that best matches your interests, then apply to arrange payment and contact info, and then set up your mentorship time when it is most convenient to you.

  • Mentorship hours with a certified teacher are available at the cost of $135/hour or $378/3 hours
  • Mentorship hours are available with Suren Shrestha on an “as-available basis” for $360/hour.

Please email: to set up your mentorship program today!

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