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How To Heal with Singing Bowls – Level 1 Kit



Level 1 Kit

The how to heal with singing bowls Level 1 kit is designed for Atma Buti® students or anyone interested in helping others or themselves with the gift of sound healing as taught by author and master teacher Suren Shrestha.  All bowls selected for these kits are practitioner quality, which means they are hand-selected for quality in tone, pitch and resonance.  The large and small bowl are tuned together into a harmonic pair designed to invite peace and tranquility.

This introductory kit includes everything that one will need to start their journey in sound healing including:

  • 1 Large, practitioner quality hand-hammered Himalayan singing bowl
  • 1 Small, practitioner quality hand-hammered Himalayan singing bowl
  • 1 Medium sized, practitioner quality set of tingsha & case
  • 1 Learn to Heal with Singing Bowls book by Suren Shrestha
  • 2 Hand-made cushions
  • 1 Medium red felt inviter
  • 1 Marshmallow inviter
  • 1 Rubbing mallet
  • 1 Small striking mallet
  • 1 Rubber suction cup

Shipping INCLUDED ONLY in the continental US, excluding Alaska and Hawaii

**International shipping costs are based on destination & will be added separately. Shipping charge for all international orders should be paid in full before processing**

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