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The Atma Buti® Sound & Vibrational School is proud to announce the availability of Singing Bowl Therapy sessions to the public.

“Set your intention and the sound will carry it to the divine,” Suren Shrestha

A singing bowl therapy session is a simple, gentle, energy-based vibrational technique that is used for stress reduction and relaxation.  The singing bowls may be placed on or around you during your session for a harmonious and calming experience.  Speak with your practitioner to explore how the singing bowls can best be used to benefit your particular needs and intention for your session.

Our practitioners are certified by Suren Shrestha at the Atma Buti® Sound and Vibrational School and offer the highest quality of service, care and knowledge in this expansive field.

If you are interested in receiving a singing bowl therapy session, we are currently booking sessions between 8-10am or 5-7pm weekdays or weekends and weekdays upon request.  Please contact us at the link below indicating when you would like to come in and we will get back to you shortly matching you up with one of our fabulous certified practitioners.

Costs are as follows:

Private 60 minute session: $108

Duet private 60 minute session:  $144

Private groups and meditations offerings upon request.

Click here to schedule your appointment now!

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